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Notes from April 16th Meeting

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What is a Solarize Campaign? 

The DOE Solarize campaign is a grassroots effort to increase the number of solar electric (PV) installations in a focused neighborhood or community. 

Using community volunteers, active local government and a local non-profit as the Project Manager, the program capitalizes on the purchasing power of a community and motivates the residents by offering significant savings through a limited-time bulk purchase opportunity that also removes other common market barriers. 

Case studies in other communities have shown a 20 - 40% discount on solar installations for participants. In addition, it would provide jobs and spur the market for ongoing growth in the local solar industry. 

Funding efforts during this first Solarize campaign could help create a sustainable funding source for future Solarize campaigns in other communities such as Bayfield or Cortez.

Common Solarize Campaign Steps

Step 1a: Develop Partnerships and Initiate Planing (Months 1-3)
Step 1b: Build Database and Customer Interface (Months 1-3)
Step 2: Volunteer Recruitment (Months 1-2)
Step 3: Request for Proposal (RFP) Process (Months 2-3)
Step 4: Outreach and Education (Months 4-6)
Step 5: Customer Enrollment (Months 4-6)
Step 6: Site Assessments by Solar Installer(s) (Months 4-6)
Step 7: Solar Installations! (Months 5-9)
Step 8: Celebrate and Reflect (Month 9)
First Reduce, Then Produce
Before going solar, it makes sense to ensure your home is energy efficient. For example, you don't want to install a large solar PV system and then change out all your lighting, insulate or air seal and find you didn't need such a big system.

4CORE's HomeRx Program is an easy-to-use process that lets you know what areas you should prioritize to make your home more efficient before going solar. Contact us today to learn more at 970-259-1916 or email us.
Previous Southwest Colorado Solarize Campaigns

Solarize La Plata was limited-time offer that provided the right solar photovoltaic system
for homes and financing options to help generate electricity.

Find more pictures of installations and the campaign here  

Solarize Final Report 

Find out about history, approach, results and challenges of the program.