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We're exploring Solarize Archuleta, a grassroots effort to increase the number of solar electric (PV) installations in a focused community. Learn More.

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Right now is a great time for energy upgrades in Southwest Colorado. We’ll link you with discounts, rebates, and incentives to ensure your assessments and upgrades come at a more-than-fair price. Learn more.

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Solarize Exploration

Join Us As We Explore Solarize Archuleta!

Thursday, April 16th 10 AM - 12 PM
Quality Inn Downtown
158 Hot Springs Blvd. Pagosa Springs

Are you interested in purchasing solar for your house at a discounted price?  Join 4CORE for a "Solarize Community Exploration" meeting.

Eventbrite - Solarize Archuleta Exploratory Meeting

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What is 4CORE
Alternative Fuels Event
Join us for a seminar on alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs)
Quality Inn in Downtown Pagosa Springs
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Many fleets around the country have already made the switch to AFVs because of thhe significant financial and environmental benefits that these vehicles offer. Additionally, there are multiple incentives in the state of Colorado for AFV purchases and infrastructure development, which lead to increased financial benefits for fleets that adopt AFVs for their operations. During the Archuleta County AFV Seminar we will discuss the benefits that can be realized from AFV adoption, the various incentives available to fleets for AFV purchases and infrastructure development, as well as showcasing different AFV models.

Eventbrite - Archuleta County AFV Seminar

A  light breakfast will be available for all those who attend!
Rebates through HomeRx

Now is the time to find out how much you can $ave!

The City of Durango, Atmos Energy, Source Gas, and all the electric utilities in Southwest Colorado are offering rebates on energy assessments and upgrades.

We'll link you with these rebates, assess your home or business, let you know which energy saving upgrades will save you the most, and how to improve health and safety for your family or employees.

Refuel Colorado Fleets

4CORE is assisting vehicle fleets, fuel providers, and auto dealers in La Plata and Montezuma Counties with assessing the viability of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) through Energy Coaching.  Organizing stakeholder meetings, conducting fleet audits, and disseminating information on incentives, tax credits, AFV models and refueling infrastructure, are all components of Energy Coaching.  4CORE is able to customize Energy Coaching services based on the needs of the particular fleet, fuel provider or auto dealer.

“Refuel Colorado Fleets energy coaches will support the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles.  Each community will determine what makes sense for them, be that electric, natural gas, propane, or other vehicle types.  Each of these fuels provides economic and environmental benefits, making this an exciting project.” – Jeff Ackerman, Director, Colorado Energy Office

Refuel Colorado Fleets is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to the Colorado Energy Office.  The project is being led and managed by CLEER: Clean Energy Economy for the Region, a nonprofit based in Carbondale with the mission to “accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, increase energy independence, and reduce our contribution to climate change”.

4CORE is grateful for the support of Local Funding Partners